Rikard's Mill Annual Reopening

04/09/2011 11:00

Event: Rikard's Mill Annual Reopening

Start Time: Saturday, April 9 (11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

Event Type: Cultural Festival

Location: Beatrice, Alabama; Rikard's Mill Historical Park

Registration: $4 Adult; $2 Seniors and Children

Event Website: http://www.tokillamockingbird.com/events/index.cfm

Sponsor: Rikard's Mill Historical Park, Old Courthouse Museum

Contact: Museum: 251-575-7433; Mill: 251-789-2781

The annual reopening of Rikard’s Mill features the gristmill turning out meal and grits again as it has done since Jake Rikard first established a gristmill on Flat Creek in 1845. Gift shop in covered bridge, gristmill, pioneer cabin, barn & blacksmith shop.