Photography in Your Own Backyard

04/30/2011 09:00
04/30/2011 16:00

Event: Photography In Your Own Backyard

Start Time: April 30 (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Event Type: Photography Contest and Exhibit

Location: Grove Hill Cultural Arts Studio, Grove Hill, Alabama

Registration: Free

Event Website:

Sponsor: Grove Hill Arts Council

Contact: Karen Elmore: 251-275-8128 or Amy Newton: 251-275-8620

The Grove Hill Arts Council will sponsor a photography contest in April, 2011. It is the desire of the Arts Councils to promote an interest in art through photography. The exhibit will be located in Grove Hill at the Grove Hill Cultural Arts Studio.

2011 Categories for Photographs
* Doors of Clarke County: Photographs of doors in Clarke County
* People: Adults, children, babies - portraits or entire figures (alone or in a group)
* Pets: Household pets (alone or in a group)
* Scenes: Landscapes
* Flowers: Flowers (fundamental unit of design or mood of such magnitude that all else is subordinate)
* Architecture: Architectural scenes
* Wildlife/Domestic Animals: Animals in natural settings (deer, turkey, birds, butterflies, reptiles, or insects)
* Moment of Time: Un-posed images that captures a meaningful instant in a flow of action involving people or animals or both, sports action
* Computer Altered: Photos that have been significantly altered via software
* Game Cameras: Wildlife caught on game cameras