West Dallas Antique Tractor Show

11/09/2013 00:00

Event: West Dallas Antique Tractor Show
Time: Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013
Event Type: Antique Auto Show
Location: 90 Church St S‎, Orrville, AL 36767
Cost: Free
Event Website: http://www.orrvilletractorshow.com
Sponsor: Orrville Volunteer Fire Department
Contact: Bill Grimes, 334.996.8970
Info: Along with the cooperation of the surrounding volunteer fire departments of Safford, River Oaks, Marion Junction, Beloit, and Potters Station, the ORRVILLE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT works hard to meet the needs of our community. Whether it is responding to a house fire, a missing person's report, bad weather alert, or auto accidents, we are always ready to serve!
The ORRVILLE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT sponsors the annual WEST DALLAS ANTIQUE TRACTOR, CAR, GAS ENGINE & CRAFT SHOW for family fun! But your donations are needed to help with the operational expenses of the fire department, and they are greatly appreciated!